Working in an office comes with many advantages and disadvantages and many trials and errors. This is the space you likely spend a large portion of your life in. From Monday to Friday for eight hours a day for the better part of each year of your working life, you arrive at work and do your thing while also dealing with everyone else around you and trying to make the most of that space. So why not make it as comfortable and accommodating as possible while ensuring that your space is not infringing on anyone’s else’s space?

Everyone has different ideas of how their desk should be. Some things are simply preferences while other things are necessities when it comes an How to Manage Office Space being ergonomically friendly. These differences among co-workers can create friction especially in small spaces or if desks are shared between two people on opposing shifts.

There are many ways to optimize office space for everyone. You have to get together and discuss how to make it work better and compromise a little so everyone is happy. Below are some tips on How to Manage Office Space.

1) De-clutter and keep your area de-cluttered. Encourage everyone else to also keep clutter to a minimum.
2) Keep your space clean. Every morning when you arrive to work, wipe down your desk area with an antibacterial wipe. When your shift is done, wipe it down again. This is particularly important if someone else uses your desk on another shift especially during flu and cold season.
3) Ensure that your work-space is comfortable. If you have vision problems, ensure that your computer is set at a proper distance so you are not straining your eyes, the font is big enough and the monitor is not too bright. If you have back problems or carpal tunnel syndrome, make sure your desk and chair accommodate these issues.
4) Try not to take up more space than you need to so everyone in the office has the same amount of space available to them.
5) Be careful with scents that may offend others in the same space.
6) if you plan to do anything drastic with your personal space, make sure you have the blessings of both your co-workers and management before you make the changes.
7) Don’t display anything offensive at your desk. It’s OK to express your individuality and add a splash of character to your space but leave the offensive materials at home.

If you and your co-workers work together and respect one another when it comes to individual needs, you should have no problem arranging a comfortable work space for everyone.

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