If you love wearing T shirts, you should have a variety of these clothes in your wardrobe. As you probably know, tee shirts are versatile in the sense that they come in different designs and colors. Some tees have a collar with a small breast pocket on the left hand side while others come with the round neck design. The best part is that you do not have to wear the generic tees you see in most markets. You can actually buy plain white tees and design your own logo. This unique design will make you stand out from the crowd all the time. If you are keen on wearing the famous animal logo t shirt, the ideas below will help you create the tees.

Plan Your Themes

It is not enough to just design the image of an animal you love and superimpose this image on your plain white T shirt. You can do much better than this and this is why you should plan your themes so that you create wonderful tees. For instance, a few words to go with the animal logo is a great idea. You have a dog design for your T shirt already. Now, you can spice things up by adding the words “Man’s Best Friend” just below the logo. This is a wonderful idea and it will make your tees come alive.

Use Different Colors

Another smart way to make your t shirts stand out is to use different colors when you design these tees. For instance, we all know that lions have a rather brownish color but there are beautiful white lions in some snow-covered areas. Now, you can design these white lions against a dark background and create a catchphrase to go with the design. This is a smart idea and it will make this T shirt very popular.

Combine the Animals

There is no law that says you must have only one animal on your T shirts. Just put on your creative hat and you will produce amazing animal designs. For instance, cats and dogs do not always have a peaceful relationship. However, you can just ignore this notion and create a T shirt depicting a cat and a dog in perfect harmony. Use the caption “Peace and Love” to pass the message and many people will rush to buy this outstanding T shirt.

Final Word

As you can see, creating animal logo t shirt is a wonderful idea. Try out some of the styles above and you will be happy with the results.

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