If you’re an avid essential oil user, you know how vital oil roller bottle holders are. These are pieces of storage that are great to use for your essence. Being an extremely organized person, every time I stored my essence on my dresser, I’d get frustrated at how they’d keep falling off or getting lost.

This is why I decided to make my support for the concentrates I used frequently. For this DIY, all I needed was a few tools and the block of wood I was going to use to hold the concentrates. If you’d like to make your support for concentrates, here are the supplies you’re going to need.
• An extensive block of wood
• A drill
• A ruler
• A stain or paint

How to make the container:

Step 1

Find the centre of the block of wood. You will then need to decide how many mini-containers you will want to fit into your support or the block of wood you’re cutting into. Using your ruler, divide the length of the wood evenly and mark a spot where the centre of each container is going to be.

After this, ensure that you have enough space between each container so that when you start drilling the wood, it does not split.

Step 2

Before you start the drilling process, measure your bottles. While drilling, take note of the centre that you marked at the beginning. It will help you know where the depth of the holes you’re making should be.

After you drill the first hole, put in one container and see whether it fits a little more than halfway leaving enough room for you to see the contents of the container. Once you have measured the first one, go in and make the rest of the holes. After you’re done, it is not time to sand down the block of wood. Make sure you work inside the holes as well so that they’re smooth rather than rough.

Step 3

Once the sanding is done, you can leave it and use it as it is. For mine, I used some black paint to add some colour to my creation, and it came out beautifully. It would be worthwhile to mention that wood tends to soak up a lot of paint, so feel free to add two or three more coats to the first layer for an excellent finish to your oil roller bottle holder.

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