When your relationship is on the rocks, and you are determined to save it, one of the most logical steps to take is to visit a couple’s counsellor with your partner. However, not every individual is open to the idea of going for therapy. Some people can be quite apprehensive, and the topic of counselling can cause unnecessary fights in a relationship. However, if seeking professional help is the only way to save your relationship, it is worth giving it a try. Below are some actionable tips that will help you to convince your spouse to attend therapy with you.

Find a Neutral Counsellor

One of the reasons why people say no to counselling services is due to the thought that the therapist is biased against one party. The suspicious individual will often refuse such services due to the belief that their opinions and ideas will not be heard. You can avoid this by seeking for a neutral individual to offer you counselling services in Sunshine Coast.

Don’t go for a counsellor that you or your partner has interacted with before, whether at a personal or professional level. Getting an unbiased professional will ensure that both parties view the counsellor’s office as a safe space where they can pour out their emotions. It will also encourage the other party to respond positively to the idea of seeking professional help for your relationship.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

When a relationship isn’t working out, it is normal for each party to act like the victim. Admitting that you had a role to play in the problem is not an easy task. However, if your partner is apprehensive about going for therapy, you may want to start by owning up to your mistakes. Admit where you were wrong in how you treated or talked to them. Doing this may make you a little vulnerable, but it will show your partner that you are committed to making things better.

Once you have owned up to your part in the mess, begin to make positive changes. If your tone used to be harsh and cold, start talking nicely to your partner. Treat them nicely, and this will encourage them to try out some of top Counselling Services Sunshine Coast has to offer and regain the care and affection that they once had towards you.

Start Therapy Alone

Sometimes, it may take weeks or months for your partner to warm up to counselling. If this happens, start the sessions on your own. The counsellor will help you work through your issues, and this will help you feel better about yourself. Also, this will help you make positive changes towards the way you treat your spouse and how you approach the problems in your relationship. The counsellor may help you figure out the techniques that you can use to convince your partner to come to therapy with you.

Convincing your partner to go for marriage Counselling Services Sunshine Coast is not always an easy task. Follow these tips to help them warm up to therapy so that you can save your relationship.

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