It can be somewhat challenging to choose a stem camp oakville for your child. However, when the springtime rolls around it’s time for you to start thinking about doing so. You’ll find that the most popular camps will fill up fast so if you want a camp that meets your logistical requirements and that your child will love there are some things you should be considering.

Decide on Your Focus

This is a big decision that’ll help you quickly narrow down your choices in summer camps. Maybe you already know that your child would like to focus on robotics or maybe they haven’t shown any interest yet in either case you should be able to find a program for them. If you aren’t sure what your child would enjoy, spend some time talking to them about it.

Investigate the Learning Environment

Although you want your child to have fun while at camp you also want to make sure that they learn something while they’re there. This is why you’ll want to see how many children and mentors there are as well as what their day will be like. Take into consideration if the children are of the same age and what types of projects they’ll be doing.

Here it’s also important to note that you’ll need to consider what level of “academics” you want. While the camp should be fun it should also allow plenty of time for hands-on exploration. It’s important to ensure that the type of “academics” being offered are appropriate for your child’s age too.

Look at the Counselors

When you’re searching for the right STEM summer camp to send your child to it’s important to take a moment to consider who will be working with them while they’re there. You want your child to be surrounded by talented mentors and counselors – people who have experience in the field. Of course, it’s also important for these people to be good at working with children.

The Bottom Line

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of choices for stem camp oakville you should take some time to visit them with your child. This will help you determine if they’re a good fit for your child. You may even be surprised to discover that your child may make an immediate connection with one of the counselors there. If this happens, it’s a good indication that this is the right camp to send your child to.

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