If you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry, consider becoming an entertainment host. The responsibilities of the role include leading a Behind Scenes Tour, communicating with the Entertainment Director about quality expectations, communicating issues with the Media Manager, and communicating with other employees. You’ll also be responsible for following Company policies and procedures to ensure a positive customer experience.

Job description

The Entertainment Host plays a key role. This position focuses on developing communication and microphone skills and crowd management. Additionally, the role is responsible for presenting all aspects of the light entertainment program. As part of the team, the host will work with the Senior Entertainment Host to ensure a high-quality entertainment program is delivered.

The host plays many roles, from introducing the program to interviewing guests. They will also interact with audience members and may hold meetings with the production crew in advance to evaluate and plan the broadcast.


As an entertainment host, you’ll interact with guests of all ages and present fun events. You’ll need boundless energy and self-motivation to excel in this role. You’ll be expected to learn scripted material and choreography and lead various activities and events throughout the ship.

A host’s duties vary according to the show he or she’s hosting. They might include interviewing guests, keeping the program on the topic, and providing on-air commentary. They might also demonstrate a product, host a contest, or be involved in charitable events.


The annual salary of a host is dependent on experience and level. Those with less experience may earn less than half of that amount. However, those with at least five years of experience can expect to make more.

Work environment

Entertainment Hosts work in multiple situations and must be comfortable engaging with different people and handling various questions. They must also be prepared to handle the weather and be flexible enough to work outdoors in different conditions.

Starting Tips

Becoming an entertainment host can be a rewarding experience. There are many opportunities for hosting, and the job pays well. You need to have good communication skills and work with people.

Start by finding an event or club that you want to become a part of. Then, attend some events as a guest, and see if you have what it takes to be a host. It’s important to have knowledge about the event or club and be able to present it in a fun and engaging way.

Once you’ve established yourself as a leader in their field, start applying for hosting jobs. Networks like Producers Club will help connect you with potential employers, but don’t overthink it – just focus on presenting your best self!

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