When you don’t know anything about the Internet but desire to have a strong presence in the online world, custom web design companies are your best bet. They’re not only incredibly fast and convenient. Custom web design companies usually offer free services like a photo gallery or search engine submission.

The word free is still the most powerful keyword in the information superhighway. And this demonstrates the effectiveness of promotion by offering a free account along with other freebies. As any company in Web design will tell you, picking the right words upon which to anchor your business or personality with is the fastest avenue to online recognition.

And this is what makes search engines such a big business. It’s not enough to develop the most dapper looking website that money can buy. If you don’t post your site’s URL to the search bots of the online world, you still won’t be seen by your potential customers or target audience.

Luckily, you can submit your site address for free. In fact, this is the best step to take when you still need to evaluate how Web presence can help you promote yourself or your budding enterprise. You don’t want to splurge on advertising without testing the waters first, so-to-speak. And this is what makes free offers so effective.

In the real world, this approach is very similar to offering free samples such as a bite of a new dish or a mini version of the product that encapsulates what your business can offer. In fact, a free online account may all be what you’ll ever need to jump-start your online presence. However, if you succeed in the business, you are highly likely to turn to the free provider you have a prior satisfactory experience with for paid services such as advertising, e-commerce tools, and search engine optimization or SEO.

And that’s why it makes perfect sense for any Web design firm to offer free services. Sooner or later, the company or individual that needs them may want to upgrade to paid options when they succeed in their venture or personal endeavor. Like window shopping before you do any real shopping, free services are the name of the game in the online world.

So in case you’re wondering why you have a free email, social media or file storage account, the freebie approach is what gets the provider’s foot in the door. It can go one way or the other. You may either love what the provider does for you or hate it. More often than not, however, you are destined to succeed because the online entity already provides you with everything you need to be ahead of the game such as access to online tools. You can easily increase your online presence by having two or more free avenues in which to explore your chances for success and recognition.

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