Mining companies have decried the high cost of mining for many years. In fact, according to past researches, drilling, blasting, and extraction of minerals accounts for between 30 and 40 percent of the operational cost. Mining experts have been working over the years to bring down that cost and it seems a solution has been found: Automated mining drones. So, how do automated drones reduce mining costs? Well, here are the top 3 ways automated drones can lower mining costs:

Automated drones can massively reduce logistics costs

Any mining professional will tell you that a lot of time, effort and money go into mining logistics. That is before drilling and detonation even starts. There is a lot of data that has to be collected before the blast hole drilling starts. The data collection process takes up a lot of time and resources. An automated drone wipes out nearly all of that cost by aerial-surveying the mining site and providing crucial data for the mining company.

Automated drones ensure the safety of personnel and equipment

The United States Department of labor reported 10 casualties in mining sites across the U.S. in a span of five months in 2017. And these accidents were as a result of blast hole drilling explosives. Fatalities can add up the mining company’s cost in terms of treatment and compensation of injured personnel, which is why blast site security is important.

An automated drone comes with a live streaming video that thoroughly and efficiently accesses the mining site to ensure that personnel and equipment are at a safe distance from the blast area. Once the mining company has taken care of blast site security, they can turn their attention to improving the quality of the blast.

Automated mining drones can increase productivity and profitability

Statistics show that the shift to automated systems has rapidly enhanced the productivity of mine sites. The ability of a drone to collect aerial data has alienated the need to employ logistics personnel. And the game changer is that the automated drones can carry out the blasting themselves, thereby alienating the need of deploying personnel to the site, which could result in fatalities. All those aspects done by drones, including survey, measurement of stockpile volumes, security and response can massively increase productivity and profitability of the mine site.

While there are industrial drones that can offer data required for efficient drilling and blasting, it’s only automated drones that can truly help mining companies cut back on costs related to logistics, labor, and safety, which can help drive up the productivity and profitability of mine sites.

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