To anyone not familiar with the industry, it may not seem like much skill or training is needed to be a fashion model but the opposite is true. Anyone thinking of becoming a model will quickly become aware of just how much work and effort is required to be successful. Modelling is more than just slipping on designer fashions and walking down a runway. Models have a way of showcasing the products they are modelling and this takes much skill.

When first setting out to follow this career path, the first step in the process should be to research what it means to be a fashion model and what steps are needed to put you on that path. This research can be done online or through contacts you already know in the industry. Get the basics before the next step which is to contact Modelling Agencies. However, before you contact anyone, make sure you know your goals, you have your information and any paperwork you may need ready, you have your resume ready and you have professional head shots. Practice your introduction and know what you want to convey both over the phone and when you meet prospective agents in person.

Modelling Agencies are basically offices that specialize in directing potential models in the right direction by making suggestions on how to perfect their craft, giving them information about courses and schooling they can take and finding them modelling gigs. Every major city and even some smaller centres have at least one modelling agency and likely more. Check online, ask around and do a search online for modelling agencies in your area and in nearby cities and towns. It’s important to contact a few Modelling Agencies before deciding to work with one. Speak with them and get an idea what their track record is like and what they can do for you personally. Once you have found one you like and they agree to take you on, the next step is to start perfecting your work.

Modelling Agencies can direct you to modelling schools that offer courses that teach everything from catwalk walking, makeup application, hair-styling, posture and the general business of modelling. The more knowledge you have, the better you will be at your job. The modelling world is very competitive and there is no limit on how far you can go if you are in top demand. Modelling Agencies also help beginner and already established models find work. It’s hard to find work without and agent because often jobs are not posted and these agents have inside information and know when and where jobs will be available. They work on your behalf to get you work in your field. Once you get a few gigs under your belt and employers like your work, they may start contacting you personally instead of you or your agent contacting them. However, it is important to continue using the services of an agent because they are on top of new developments in the fashion modelling industry and they have access to information that you may not have.

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