The number of securities listed on the Stock Exchange is in the hundreds for the only shares. So many good deals to make, do you think. Instead of trying to track down all the good moves, it is better to focus on a limited scope of titles. Example: by following only the major values of the CAC 40 index, you will be able to analyze the results publications and watch the evolution of their courses. You can then integrate them in the portfolio at the best time instead of rushing on unknown values under the pretext of having a good Margin Trading Crypto portfolio.

All sectors do not depend on the same variables: interest rates for financials, prices of raw materials for industrials. Securities such as construction are sensitive to the economic slowdown. Those of pharmacy and distribution less. It is therefore necessary to combine cyclical values and defensive values.

Invest gradually

Cannot buy on the markets at the highest to get out just before a bubble explodes. Attempting to engage in the exercise, individuals enter the stock market historically when the market has already risen a lot, frustrated at not having benefited from the rise, to leave disgusted just after a collapse. The right solution to start? Invest little by little. Admittedly, the gain may be less in the event of a bull market, but the collapse will be more limited in case of decline.

Demonstration: an investor who invested 12 000 dollars on the CAC 40, on June 30, 2008, found himself a year later with 8,497 dollars. If he had placed the same amount, at the rate of 1,000 dollars each month over the period, he would have found himself with 11,550 dollars in total. A tip therefore to go on the stock market: make you an investment program for a year with, for example, a new value to be integrated every month.

Once you have a diversified portfolio, you have to watch the balance as some stocks develop. The goal: they should not take too much weight overall. When you start, your portfolio will not be diversified for a while if you follow key tips. But after one year, this must not be the case.

Unless you have a lot of time and make the stock market his passion, it seems unreasonable to claim to monitor a score of small companies. Not to mention that the multiplication of Margin Trading Crypto lines increases the custody fees levied by the bank on your account.

If you want to release performance, you need to diversify without dusting your wallet. In practice, the individual has a greater margin of maneuver than the managers, subject to certain constraints by the financiers.

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