The Maps application offers a mobile version of Google Maps on your iPhone. Indeed, it is possible to browse maps for this service with an Internet connection, sliding a finger on the screen and zoom in by spreading two fingers. In addition, most of the features in the internet version of Google Maps are present. It is possible to perform an address search, or even services and iPhone Cell Cases.

Thus, during the presentation of the iPhone at Macworld, Apple showed the example of searching for a Starbucks Coffee. The closest area being results are displayed as pins called “benchmarks” and, in the case of services, company information are displayed in the same way as that of a contact, tapping on the corresponding mark. For example, it is possible to call the number listed, visit the website or send an email to the company concerned.

Two search bars; it is possible to calculate a route on foot, by car or by public transport, and display steps. The maps are shown in three different forms: Map, Satellite and Hybrid, the latter being a mixture of the first two. It is possible to access the Google Street View mode and display traffic information when they are available.

The iOS version also includes additional features. It is possible to place and record its own benchmarks, thus constituting a favorites manager places. In areas covered, you can view information about the status of the road traffic. The roads are then stained in green (medium), yellow (disturbed), or red (interrupted).

Flagship iOS version of Google Maps functionality, it is possible to geotag the device using various means. If the position of the camera has been determined, then it will be displayed as a blue circle, which will be reduced as the position becomes clearer. Finally, below an accuracy of 20 m, it is shown as a blue dot with a more or less large halo according to location accuracy.

In this feature comes with the compass only on iPhone 3GS and iPad, which uses the built-in compass. Thus, once the device located, additional pressure on the button activates the compass location, and directs the map accordingly to reflect the orientation of the device relative to the North and iPhone Cell Cases.

3G technology uses a protocol called HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) to quickly transfer data via UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) networks. Graphics, email attachments, videos and web pages load pieces up to twice as fast on 3G networks as on 2G EDGE networks. And like the iPhone 3G and later switch naturally between the (faster) EDGE, 3G or even Wi-Fi (even faster), the user has always the optimum speed.

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