As always, Commercial Distilling Equipment technology comes to the aid and recently some items with an air chamber that combines the thermal performance of porcelain with the transparency of glass. This new generation of distillery equipment have been created with double glass that allows you to keep the coffee temperature and not to burn yourself, plus the handle has been added, which makes it very similar to the porcelain cup as a practical use.

But if aesthetics is an advantage of this cup, it is not so the material with which it is built that does not guarantee a good heat retention, in fact the coffee served “in glass”, should be consumed quickly, or you risk being burned , or to drink an iced coffee, which is not the best.

If a comparison is made between the porcelain cup and the classic glass one, porcelain would most likely win. But given the existence of glass cups that guarantee the thermal stability of the porcelain, the choice could depend only on personal taste. The best choice could be to rely on a good blend that gives us an aromatic coffee and satisfies our personal tastes, and to taste it in the cup we like best

American beverage is slowly spreading in Italy: unlike the espresso we are used to, it is great to drink slowly to warm up, or even to have breakfast. The first feature to emphasize in this model is certainly the presence of an integrated coffee grinder that guarantees a coffee with a perfect aroma and a fragrant taste. This allows you to hold up to 180g of coffee beans that can be processed in 3 different degrees of grinding: finer for a stronger and more intense flavor, and coarser for a lighter coffee.

Beyond this, a function called Aroma + allows to double the infusion time, increasing the intensity even more thanks to Commercial Distilling Equipment. bviously it is also possible to use previously ground coffee without any problem.

As you would expect from a model of this kind, there is a timer function that allows you to set this American coffee machine so that we can find our drink ready whenever we want, with a schedule that goes up to 24 hours. ll options are selectable via a very intuitive integrated LCD display to be used. The maximum capacity is 12 cups, but the options available are also 2,4,6,8 or 10.

At the level of filters, it is possible to use both those of disposable paper, and the washable and gilded paper provided in the package. There is also an active carbon water filter that performs two functions: It ensures that the taste of coffee is unaffected by the excessive minerals that are often found in the water of the home.

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