The online marketing landscape is forever changing. Its dynamics are neither purely technical nor straight-froward. As a result, the demands on marketers are multi-pronged. Inability to adapt and embrace the transformations leads to mediocre performance. ROI will tumble in tandem with the outdated and ineffective marketing campaigns. This reality extends to agencies whose primary focus is driving their clients’ to profitability.

Creative concepts breed versatility, an all-important characteristic in a dynamic and competitive environment that favors the most innovative marketers. Creative thinking is therefore a basic requirement in order to survive the perils of the marketing jungle. The first step to realizing true creative capacity is through learning. The best in this field learn by observing the actions of others. They identify weaknesses and strengths of fellow competitors in addition to their own, and make the right deductions.


Solutions that work for one entity may not solve the problems of another. Hence, the need to tailor solutions in respect of a given project. The use of common methods or messages to reach audiences rarely attracts attention. Fresh, relevant and yet captivating campaigns yield much better results. They thrive on insights gained from observing competitors’ actions and the needs of the target audience. Carefully selecting the best advertising platform is also necessary. Previous successes on particular platforms do not necessarily guarantee future success.

Therefore, time and money should be spent on understanding the market dynamics to determine practicality. Advanced campaigns take advantage of a variety of platforms (for example, search engines, social media). Messages crafted for brand exposure campaigns must be different from those focusing on brand experience.
Creative thinking process

The creative thinking process works best in the open (lateral) thinking mode than the closed (logical or vertical) thinking mode. The closed or logical mode allows individuals to implement innovative ideas and solutions generated during the open mode. It is hard to formulate creative ideas to problems or challenges when there is so much pressure or stress. The mind needs to relax to become imaginative and inventive.

Brand strategy

Every marketing campaign augments the existing business marketing strategies. Thus, every creative copy message must be aligned with the bigger picture to maintain overall effectiveness. The message needs to highlight aspects of a product or service critical to capturing the attention of prospects. Conversions take place on many levels but first impressions are important. Whether you take a soft or hard sell approach,it necessary to note that relevance plays a decisive role.

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