Redmine is a management and tracking tool that can help you become more productive with your projects. It is an open source tool that is available for free on the internet. Redmine can do everything related to the project management right from granting permissions to generation of invoices. Because of its flexible API, you can design any number of plugins. With Redmine hosting, you can effectively run and manage your projects on the web.

Effective team work!

When you work in a team, you need to track changes and maintain documentation. Redmine has its Wiki system that allows for cross links creation. When you keep the complete documentation of a project in one place, you let all the team members keep up with the developments. They can learn, update and share without having to contact one another from any other platform. Nobody would have to ask anybody else for information about the project. You can create any number of forums followed by creation of any number of threads.

Manage people!

This software allows you to effectively manage your people. It gives you full control over their activities and permissions, and lets you track their progress and working hours. It is being increasingly used as a project hosting platform. You can create any number of projects which can in turn have any number of sub projects. Other than projects, you can also manage your routine activities with Redmine Hosting.

A revolution!

Written on Ruby on Rails programming language, it can support about 34 languages as of now. You can expect Redmine Hosting to grow further in the following years. It allows for assigning different levels of access control, integrating different types of files, sending notifications and tracking time spent on the server. Redmine has come as a revolution in the world of project management since it is one of the few free and open source products. Most of the other project management softwares are proprietary in nature.

Effectiveness and user interface!

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your project management needs, then Redmine Hosting is here for you. It is a web-based platform. When everybody in the team is on the same page, you can expect the project to move forward faster. It has become quite effective over a period of time – thanks to the contribution of the community members. Because of its simple user interface, you can get familiar with it nearly instantly. In a matter of a few days, you can master it and use most of its features.

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