Outdoor spaces do not have to look dull and sun scorched. They can be both functional and beautiful, but the only way to do this is through lawn installation Adelaide. A well-manicured lawn can add to the value of the property. Homeowners have two main options. The first is to install an artificial lawn while the other is to install a natural grass lawn.

Artificial Grass Installation

Synthetic turf lawns are easy to install. The installer normally starts by clearing the area where the lawn will be installed before leveling the surface. The next step is to establish the base, which is done by spreading pieces of crushed rocks on the ground. The rocks are then compacted before being smoothed to create a 4-inch base where the turf material will be installed. Once the base is ready, the turf material is laid over the surface and secured to the base using 7-inch stainless steel needles. Since turf products usually come with 15-inch widths, the installer may need to join several pieces together by sewing.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Turf

The main benefit of synthetic lawns is that you can have instant results. Secondly, these lawns require virtually no maintenance. This can save you a lot of money over time. The main shortcoming is the cost as synthetic lawns are usually incredibly costly to install.

Natural Lawns

The installation process for a natural lawn normally starts with clearing of the area. Soil is then imported to the area and mixed with organic fertilizers. The area must then be leveled and irrigation system installed, if an automated irrigation system is needed. Next, the area is drenched in water to help settle the soil. Seeds are then broadcasted all over the surface. The moisture in the soil will help to hold the seeds. The next step is to turn on the water sprinkler to ensure all the seeds get water. With regular irrigation, the seeds will start germinating after a couple of days. Another option is to install sod after leveling the ground this will guarantee instant results since the sod only needs to attach itself to the ground to continue growing.

Pros and Cons of Natural Grass Lawns

The main advantage of natural lawns is that they are cheaper to install and feel great to stand on. However, they usually require a lot of work. This is because you have to add fertilizers and herbicides as well as irrigate the lawn on a regular basis. Furthermore, you must mow the lawn to maintain a healthy grass height. If you do not mind the extra work, you can enjoy a great-looking lawn at an affordable rate.

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