Business financing companies offer a variety of business loans and funds.

Small Business Loan

You will need a loan even if you want to start a small store. It helps you avoid using your personal savings to fund a business venture. It is risky to invest all your savings in a business venture because if the business does not take off as expected, you will be left with no savings. A business loan helps you avoid suffering heavy losses.

Term Loan

It is a fixed term loan that can be used to grow the business. Your existing assets can be used as collateral to obtain this loan. You receive the working capital that helps take care of different types of business expenses. Use this loan to purchase new equipment or any other asset.

Financing against the Inventor

This loan is available against an inventory. You get the working capital if you are ready to place your stock on hand as security for the loan. It is an ideal loan for the manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and inventory managers. Unlock the cash hidden in your inventory stocks. This loan is available against the physical assets.

Asset Based Lending

It is slightly different from the inventory based financing. You can obtain this loan against your assets like inventory, equipment and receivables. It is a revolving line of credit that lets you borrow on a continuing basis as long as the collateral listed by you continues to exist and is not placed as collateral for other debts. It is a good funding option to cover your business expenses and investment requirements.

Stretch Financing

Sometimes you want to increase your business volume but cannot do so due to the lack of funding. You already have an established business and want to expand your business operations. A stretch fund is perfect for such requirements. Give your business the extra boost if you can show invoices worth $80,000 or more. This fund can be used to augment your other funding options. You can easily get this loan if you have good credit, tax and financial records.

Invoice Factoring

It is an excellent solution when you lack the funds but can show invoices that will result in future payments to you. Invoice factoring funding option can be used by the freight and trucking businesses, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, professional service providers and others. From product manufacturers to consultants and staffing service providers, all such businesses are eligible for funding under this category of loans.

Compare different types of business loans and funds offered by the business financing companies. It will help you select the right fund or loan for your business at the lowest interest rate.

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