Offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation is the certification given to experienced business analysis professionals. While anyone eligible can register for it, most recipients are leading business analysts in the industry, a factor that makes this certification even more prestigious. With that in mind, here are frequently asked about CBAP certification.

Why Should I Get CBAP certification?

While you can still be a competent business analysis professional without this certification, having it will give you an edge in the job market. That said, here are some specific benefits that should motivate you to get certified.

• It portrays you to potential employers as a competent business analysis professional

• It sets you from your peers as a dedicated professional considering how much it takes to get the certification

• It increases your bargaining power in the job market. For instance, according to IIBA, certified business analysis professionals earn about 13% higher than their uncertified counterparts

Who is Eligible for this Certification?

To get the CBAP designation, you should meet the following criteria:

• Have at least 7,500 hours of recent work experience in business analysis. Of these, 3,600 hours of experience should be in BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas

• Complete at least 35 hours of education in Professional Development

• Agree to the code of conduct

• Provide 2 referees

• Agree to abide by the terms and conditions

• Pass the CBAP exam

How Do I Apply for the Exam?

Simply go to the IIBA website and you’ll see a button directing you to the application page. You will also find additional instructions as well as helpful information.

What is the Passing Mark for the CBAP Exam?

The International Institution of Business Analysis (IIBA) does not reveal what the passing mark is for this certification. Even so, a common assumption is that 70% could be the passing mark.

How Long Does the Course Take?

IIBA policies require that you sit for the exam within one year after the approval of your application. Ideally, six months would be enough for you to prepare for the exam assuming you’ll spend 4 hours every week studying. This adds up to about 100 hours, which is the recommended preparation time for the exam. Take note that taking a class will significantly reduce your preparation time.


These are some of the common questions asked about CBAP certification. In case you need more answers, feel free to log into the IIBA website and learn more about this course.

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