155A healthy foundation is a key to a happy house. Damage to the foundation will cause numerous other issues with the house. There are now companies that specialize in the repair of foundations. These companies can stabilize the foundation to ensure the house is standing on a firm foundation. Homeowners can do the work themselves but they should be cautious of the dangers. Foundation repair equipment can also be rented to ensure the homeowner has the proper equipment to fix the problems. The homeowner can also purchase the equipment needed for these type of home repairs. Sometimes this equipment will need to be used for long periods of time and the rental fees could rack up. If the homeowner wants to save money he or she may want to purchase the equipment and resale when finished. Some pieces of equipment that can be rented include; leveling, drilling, jacks, and belling tools. Although homeowners can do the work themselves it is advised that these types of repairs be completed by professionals. Lifting the weight of an entire house can be dangerous.

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