The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is the primary provider of emergency services in Queensland. The body was founded and established in 2013 primarily to coordinate and plan emergency services delivery besides adopting an ‘all hazards’ approach in emergency control. The body carries rigorous assessments when employing new staff and have set minimum requirements for candidates. Failing to fulfil any one of the set conditions leads to automatic disqualification. Firefighter Recruitment Queensland applicants are assessed the following areas as specified by the QFES.

 Medical assessment
 Criminal history check
 Psychological assessment
 State panel Interviews
 Online application form
 Online cognitive ability test
 Supervised testing
 Integrity checks and referee reports

Once applications are opened, candidates are required to fill an indemnity and fitness form taken to general practitioners who certifies applicant fitness to undergo physical assessment tests. Notably, this form confirms an applicant’s eligibility to undergo assessment, and as such, it is not a medical form.

Cognitive assessments include supervised testing and online assessments. They provide QFES relevant information on the applicant’s knowledge, reasoning ability, learning new information capability, and problem-solving skills. This test is the major predictor of the applicant performance indicator.

On the other hand, the panel interview process is a critical section in the recruitment process, and as such, it subject to rigorous evaluation. The primary aim of the interview is to seek information concerning the job position. Here, applicants are expected to demonstrate the motivational factor driving them to apply for the firefighting job besides new attributes and skills he/she will bring to the QFES. Applicants must, as such, be prepared to answer a myriad of behavioural-based questions. To pass this critical section needs adequate preparation besides having a good understanding of the firefighter role in general. Carrying independent research widens applicant information concerning QFES standards. Proper preparation of the interview includes the following;

 Good relaxation
 Enough sleep
 Thorough understanding of job position roles
 Arriving in time
 Decent and formal dressing
 Be prepared to answer behavioural-based questions

Firefighter Recruitment Queensland is a competitive process, and everything is determined on merit. Applicants apply in large numbers for the small number of jobs available. On average, 2% of the total applicants become successful. As such, it is essential to adequately prepare and have the right information before attending the interviews. Hopefully, this article is helpful.

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