When you want to host a party around the shores, you may want to consider renting a party boat. As the name suggests, this is a water vessel that has been modified to have everything that you may need to have a great party. This includes; a dancing area, a music system, a fully-stocked bar, disco lights, comfy seats and several cabins, especially if you plan on spending the night on the boat. When looking for the best Miami party boat hire, below are some of the key factors to consider;

i) Boat Size

If you are planning to host a large party, you need to hire a boat that is big enough to accommodate all your guests. However, if you are planning to host half a dozen guests, you should look for a smaller boat to ensure you do not spend a lot of money on additional space that you are not going to use.

ii) Boat Type

All party boats are not the same. Some of them are just fishing boats that have been converted to party boats while others are yachts. Whatever, the case, be sure to take your time to assess the pros and cons of renting the different types of boats you can find. Obviously, a yacht will cost more money to hire than a converted fishing boat of the same size. Whatever the case, be sure check whether or not the boat is going to meet your party needs.

iii) Boat Rental Rates

Obviously, a bigger yacht or boat will cost more money than a smaller boat. The company you choose to hire the boat from will also affect the cost. That is why it may be a good idea to shop around for the best deal. Once you have found a boat that can meet all your needs, what you should do next is look for a company that quotes the lowest hourly/daily/weekly rates.

iv) Number of Cabins

If you are planning to spend the night on the boat with other party goers, you will need a boat with several cabins, even if you plan to party all night long. Therefore, you need to check the number of cabins a boat has before making a decision.

v) Features

The ideal boat should have satellite TV, powerful music system, large flat-screen TV, fully-stocked minibar, GPS tracker and navigation system as well as a suitable insurance policy. The latter is important because you do not want to incur any financial liability if the boat capsizes or gets damaged for one reason or another.

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