Not everyone moves because they want to. Some do it unwillingly because of an emergency like a scholarship, a new job or a displacement. There are also others who do it because they are not able to meet the rent requirements of their existing home. Frankly, moving can be expensive as there are so many costs involved, including but not limited to transportation, labor cost, and rent. So, what can you do get finance companies in NZ for moving costs when you have to move unplanned? Well, here are some ideas to use:

Housing Emergency Financing

Most states have a one-off housing fund that’s meant for emergency relocations. The fund is normally issued by the HIF (Housing Industry Foundation). The aim of the reserve is to help families, especially low-income ones, move more comfortably. It’s however important to get the confirmation first before relocating.

Employer’s Financial Aid

Some employers offer financial help for new employees who are coming from far. This is to help them settle in much comfortably. If the reason for moving is because of a new job, then you should confirm if they offer this aid.

Community Organizations

There are several non-profit organizations that you can approach to get financial help for relocating. A good example is Operation Rescue. You can also approach a religious organization in your local area. They may help to meet a few relocating expenses.

Social Security Insurance

Social security insurance is meant to help low-income earners, especially those with a disability, meet emergency expenses. In this case, an urgent relocation qualifies as an emergency. If you meet the requirements, then you should consider the option.

Federal Assistance

Most times, the federal government offers financial help to families that have been displaced by a natural phenomenon like an earthquake or a storm. They also offer such assistance if they are the ones to displace you for whatever genuine reason. This is to ensure that you don’t become homeless after losing your home.

Financial Companies

There are also a number of finance companies in NZ that you can turn to for a quick emergency loan. Most of them will need things like your financial statement and proof of your identity to give you an emergency loan.


Clearly, you can still get finance for moving costs even when your pocket looks dry. Lack of finances shouldn’t be the reason not to relocate if you have to. You just have to use any of the above ideas. The secret is finding the one that will not leave you with a heavy financial burden once you move.

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