The old network model for television content is being replaced by best streaming media players. Instead of relying on stations that broadcast shows at certain times over the air, many are now subscribing to services that provide content on-demand via the Internet. Although it is possible to watch the streaming shows through phones, tablets, and computers, nothing beats seeing the action on a big screen TV. Streaming media players could be connected to televisions to give them this capability. There are several options on the market with a wide range of prices. Below are some of the features of the best streaming media players in 2020:

4K Streaming

Cameras keep getting better and better with higher resolutions and more vivid colors. It would be a shame if you could not take advantage of these improvements to make your viewings more engaging. Full HD content is everywhere these days. 4K resolution is increasingly becoming the norm thanks to faster Internet connections and rising sales of 4K television sets. If you want your media player to be future-proof, then make your purchase a 4K streamer. The clarity is amazing.

Ethernet Port

Now 4K content requires large downloads. You cannot get smooth streams unless you have a high-speed connection. It would be best to connect your player to the Internet via Ethernet port rather than go wireless. Wired connections are more stable and reliable. This will also be much faster compared to Wi-Fi. Not every streamer provides an Ethernet port so be sure to check before buying.

Voice Control

A lot of people are getting used to having a smart home where every appliance can be controlled through voice commands. This offers a convenient way to manage the lights, the cooling system, the heating system, the speakers, and so on. It’s nice to have this feature for TV streams with some players accepting voice searches, queries, and commands. Some work better than others so be sure to read the reviews on this.

Standalone Controls

You will also want to check if the media player has its own remote control or if you need to pair it with another device. A lot of dongles are cheap but they don’t provide a controller in the package. Instead, you have to install an app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Consider whether you are fine with this arrangement or not. Many still prefer a standalone device for dedicated viewing.

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