Now it is not necessary for all team members to be present in the same room to hold a meeting. They can participate in a conference from different places by coming together in an online conference room. As long as they have a computer or smartphone, and high-speed Internet connection, this program will work for them. Some of these programs do not even require any download and setup. They can be used to hold large scale meetings of hundreds of people. The conference can be held entirely online but it can also be a mix of online and offline meetings.

Conference Room Platform Features

The program is easy to use and up to 20 people can use it without paying anything. A paid account is needed to hold conference with more people. The program allows everyone to join the meeting with one click or tap on their device. The conference organizer with administrator privilege invites other participants via telephone, email or an online link. Those participants use their login credentials or click the link given to them to join the conference. This technological solution can be used to collaborate with team members, project managers, staff, suppliers, customers, shareholders and other groups of people.

Complete Browser Solution

An Internet browser is sufficient to use this program. The conference platform lets the participants collaborate directly without moving away from the browser. A variety of features can be automated. Emails can be scheduled. Presentations can start playing at the scheduled time. Notices to participants can be sent on the fixed date and time. Many such tasks can be automated. This automation lets you focus on your event management by automating the repetitive tasks. In large conferences, attendees can register to join. The registration process is easy and can be handled by anyone without any support service. Registered attendees can cancel their participation or modify certain terms. It comes with an online payment option, allowing attendees to pay online using a variety of payment options.

Screen Sharing and Video Recording

Some participants need these features. The program lets users keep a video recording of the meeting. The video can be recorded in HD quality. The program’s other features include screen sharing, live chat, multiple breakout rooms, custom meeting rooms and personalized email campaigns.

Hold your meeting in an online conference room. Promote your business, product, service, organization or cause. Bring together members of a team or connect with people wanting to learn more from you or about your offer. All such possibilities open up. This online conferencing solution lets you eliminate the costs associated with organizing a conference at a physical venue.

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