Choosing the best door closer is the right thing everyone considers to have total security for their home or warehouses. Anyone trying to find this for the first time get ready to be confused by the many options you will get in the market; not only options but also the features tend to be similar to some extent. Therefore, you need some knowledge on the key factors you should consider before choosing a door closer. The following should be the things you look for in spring hinge door closer to ensure it is of the highest quality possible and gives you the best protection you need for your place.

The door’s size and weight

The door closer spring powers are always classified in a range of one to six, whereby one is the lowest power while six is the highest spring power. However, some closers come with non-adjustable door powers from their manufacturer’s; most doors come with an adjustable sizing which can be easily worked on before installation or while installation is ongoing. When the nut or the screw is turned, it tends to increase or decrease the spring power; therefore, consider following the given instructions when installing the door to ensure that the width remains normal.

The door location

The door’s location and the traffic volume that will use the door will determine the door closer to take for yourself. These factors will determine the strength of the closers you choose for your door; most manufacturers, however, provide a detailed chart on how various traffic volumes should guide the whole process of installing the door closers. High traffic needs grade one door closers, that is, traffic of a half-million cycles per year, while the low traffic needs a grade three-door closure with traffic of fewer than ten thousand cycles a year.

The mounting options

Several closers can be easily installed to the door frames and doors in various ways; each method and option has multiple benefits and drawbacks. However, the surface-mounted door closers are better than the others; they are cost-effective and highly reliable. It can be installed in multiple ways: regular arm, parallel arm, and top arm; choosing one of them has the same benefits.


To find the right spring hinge door closer, you need to be careful about the factors that will guide you on what you choose. Sometimes it might be challenging, and here you will need a professional to help you get the best from what you will tell them, the features, and the environment to use it in.

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