Are you planning to have fun this coming weekend and no idea where to start? Well, coming up with the right party ideas is not that simple as we might think. And that is why hens party ideas London comes in, from cocktail classes and ball pits to the coolest restaurants and the best hotels for hen parties. Here are some ideas you should try, drink and eat and have fun because the weekend is here and no one knows tomorrow.

As much as we would like to park our crew in an ethical and never leave-cocktail bar, a good hen party includes some fun. Away from the dance class and traditional way, but this page has found some of the best hens party ideas London that are nice and a bit different.

Hen Party Ideas

Ballie Ballerson Diving

Look for a ball pit bar that offers some bottomless brunch, take some time online, finding a cool place for the occasion. The background should be beautiful because all it takes to be an excellent memory of a party in the surrounding. You can throw yourself on social media and have a good time with your team. If you like a ball pit, then consider this as the best idea but before booking that bar. Do they have enough space? What is the price? Something that fits into your pocket is appropriate and without forgetting the area.

Row Boat

If you think of adding a splash to your summer holiday, then you better look for a spot with the best pedal and rowing boats. Check on the capacity of the rowboats, deckchairs, and the presence of refreshment when the long day is over. Here the price and function of the vessels should help you choose the best. Depending on your crew size, a good dinghy can allow up to six or more if you can make two groups, the better.

BBQ boat or Hot Tub

A meditation place where you can share the whole experience in, I don’t see any other site but in the right hot tub. You can hire or book a hot tub and sail down to the high London Canal, meet with new people. It suits well if you plan to have your party in winter and autumn as the water temperatures set to 38 degrees. If a warm soak is not your type, then a BBQ boat will fill in the gap. Sail around a live grill all for fun.

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