What makes a piece of jewelry fit for a drag queen? Any necklace common for a woman would technically do the job, but the whole point of a drag queen is over-the-top accessories and styles. Get drag queen necklaces that have outsized and fancy designs. Those are not real diamonds, just glass or plastic that has a nice glitter to it. If those were real stones, it would be too classy to fit the part.

A drag queen is not finely classic, by definition. A drag queen is an adult entertainer that uses exaggerated feminine props to either take pride in a female identity or otherwise to heighten a comic act. Drag queens can be male or female, but the whole point is having exaggerated lady qualities, sometimes mocking odd quirks or stereotypes while at the same time reveling in having womanhood for all its good and flaws.

Necklaces can be apart of the act. They are at least as visible as tall hair or else nails long enough to be industrial implements. A necklace is a symbol of a lady dressing up and presenting her at her best. Necklaces are not worn in the workplace but in the evening for fine social occasions. If that occasion happens to be standup comedy, then the symbolism is doubly served.

There are a lot of places to shop for attention-grabbing props, but consider shopping a regalia store specifically for drag queen necklace. These props are designed by people who know how to grab attention, and they go well with outfits. They might also be priced correctly as a costume accessory. Serious jewelry might be needlessly expensive while drag queen props serve their purpose at a reasonable price.

The good news is that necklaces and other props come in a variety of styles and patterns. They can hug the neck or hang low. Leaves can extend from the necklace and dip towards the breasts or just the chest region in general. Large round shapes might go well with a body piece that creates a certain figure. Necklaces can be beads or be made with imitation stones. Those stones could be clear or blue or red or any imaginable color.

A necklace could be colored similar to the rainbow or else many different colors. Your needs are met by those who understand this interesting style of fashion. Get a piece for a good price that reflects your mindset.

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