Dining out in Sydney can be a costly affair. Luckily, some places serve cheap eats Sydney. You can find the perfect meal on a budget, from dumplings to oysters. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to get a great meal at a great price.

Soul Origin

Soul Origin is a fast-growing chain of cafes in Sydney. It offers a wide variety of cheap eats Sydney packed with nutrition. They also serve great coffee. In addition, the cafe guarantees that their food is fresh, so you know that you’ll always be getting the best quality.

Continental Deli

The Continental Deli is inexpensive in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It serves giant sandos for $20 or less and is open every day from noon to close. Guests can choose from sandwiches, such as classic mortadella, salami, or saucisson. The deli also sells tins of quality seafood, including French La Belle-Iloise sardines.

Fat Ruperts

The most famous dish at Fat Ruperts is its fried chicken. This American-style chicken is served with coleslaw and potato puree. The restaurant also serves tasty roasted meats. You can order a whole chicken or share several pieces with friends. The portions are generous.


Emma’s cafe is a popular Sydney eatery that offers Middle Eastern dishes and is a BYO. Their delicious falafel and kibbe are served with tangy sauces and garlic mayo. They are also known for serving banh mi sandwiches, which are a great meal for a cheap price. The café is a family favorite and is located near the Enmore Theatre.

Boon Cafe

Boon Cafe is a unique dining experience. This all-day Thai restaurant, a grocery store, is popular with a younger crowd. Its sticky-sweet croissants and spicy papaya salad are popular dishes. It embodies a new generation of Australians.

El Loco at Slip Inn

El Loco at Slip Inn is a Mexican restaurant with a creative twist. The menu offers innovative Mexican cuisine and avant-garde margaritas. The restaurant is housed in a bright, colorful cantina.

Authentic Malaysian and Thai restaurant

If you’re looking for a great place to try Malaysian and Thai food, you can find a few good options in Sydney’s Inner West. This area is home to many ethnic groups and has excellent Asian food. Unfortunately, although Sydney has excellent living conditions and some amazing beaches, it often lacks good home-cooked food. To get a taste of authentic Malaysian and Thai cuisine, you can check out Thai Kee IGA in Chinatown.

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