Moonstone is a popular choice for jewellery and for good reason. This pearly, shimmery stone comes in a range of colours from nearly transparent to blue, yellow, pink and even reddish or orange tones. It usually has an ethereal sheen to it that brings to mind the soft rays of the moon, hence its name. Throughout history, people have coveted moonstone for its beautiful look and the belief that it contains beneficial powers.

What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is part of the feldspar group of silicate minerals, which also includes labradorite (another popular choice for jewelry) and anorthite (found in abundance on the moon). It consists of two minerals: orthoclase and albite. These minerals combine to create the moonstone, but eventually separate to create distinct layers. When the light hits these layers, it creates a shimmery effect called adularescence. Moonstone exists on nearly every continent and is found in a multitude of forms including nearly transparent, almost completely opaque, multi-hued and single-toned.

Is Moonstone Valuable?

The price of moonstone varies depending on its size, clarity and color. In general, the more transparent and blue the moonstone is, the higher prices it will command. This is because blue moonstones are incredibly rare. Moonstones from India and Sri Lanka are particularly prized because of their beautiful hues. In fact, India is famous for its rainbow moonstones that have multiple colors in one stone. Other places where moonstone is mined and highly sought after include Myanmar, Brazil, Australia and Madagascar.

Moonstone Lore

Myths and beliefs about the powers of moonstone date back to the ancient Roman times. Many Romans believed that the stone was actually the shimmery rays of the moon captured in stone form. Therefore, it was often associated with lunar gods. Today many people believe that moonstone has powerful feminine energies and that it has the ability to heal and protect, induce tranquility, enhance intuition and wash away negative emotions. Moonstone is also the birthstone for people born in June.

It is easy to see why so many people covet moonstone. Its iridescent appearance is particularly beautiful and the milkiness really does bring to mind the soft glow of the moon. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors and forms, which makes it ideal for all different types of jewellery. Even better, it is not easy to create synthetic versions of moonstone in a lab that have the same look, so most moonstones you find will be authentic.

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