There are four general methods of delivery of communication known to all writers. These include memorization, immediate memory, planning, and expression. There are other methods, but these four are the most common. Of course, there are many more methods, including brainstorming, synthesizing, and different creative approaches. But these four have clear distinctions so that if you want to be a good writer, you will need to master at least one of these delivery of communication mechanisms.


Memorization is the ability to quickly take in a large number of ideas and react to what you see. Impromptu is an approach to writing in which you are responding to your key points. Memorization is probably the easiest, fastest, and steadiest method. It’s also probably the one that people are the most familiar with. The purpose of memorization is to enable a speaker to get their point across at just the right time. However, memorizing should also increase comprehension and reduce the risk of making errors while speaking. Memorization is best used in speech planning and rehearsals to help a writer organize their thoughts and ideas.

Planning and Preparation

When a writer gets ready to write a speech, they prepare with notes and speeches, memorize the addresses, practice the speech, and rehearse the speech to achieve the perfect tone and timing. With all this effort, it’s surprising that most speeches end up unread because the reader could not fully comprehend the content or was distracted by something else. Therefore, to make sure that you deliver your speech on time and in full meaning, planning and memorizing beforehand is extremely important.

Memorize your key terms and remember them throughout the speech. In general, memorizing the main points is extremely important because your audience will get bored hearing you talk if you don’t. However, if you want to maintain eye contact with your audience, then you should use a good memory technique or memorize the key terms in your topic. Keep in mind that your audience may not translate the main points you are making without some kind of assistance. Therefore, it is important to maintain eye contact with your audience without prior preparation.

The main point is that the presenter should prepare his or her talk well in advance. The speaker should think about the key points and the best ways of delivering them. He or she should avoid using canned speeches instead of a fresh, innovative, and exciting talk.

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