When it comes to taking some enticing clicks, you think of a wide variety of backgrounds. A white background is a common choice, but today, you need to play with different kinds of brown photo backgrounds. Here is how you can set it without paying much.

Brown Parchment Paper

Grocery and fast-food bags are often wrapped in brown paper. Please don’t throw it out, as it will become a cost-effective background for your next click. Do you need an extra bit of texture? Try using wrinkled brown paper, and its symmetrical lines will give a perfect balance to any photo you take.

Wooden Background

Do you have a wooden cutting board? Want to add an X-Factor into food photography? You won’t have to grab some expensive stuff. The reason is you have something very unique already present in your kitchen. The wooden cutting board is good enough to keep different food items, especially bell pepper and onion. Other colors of vegetables and fruits become prominent in no time on this board and require less angle effort from the photographer side.

Set some brown curtains to get a fully-focused portrait image of kids. Ask the kid to smile and see how his smile intensifies with a plain brown background. Stay away from printed brown shade and better choose medium to be dark or warm brown tones for better results.


It’s easy to create a textured brown background with wooden pallets. You might have an old pallet bed that is of no use. Don’t toss it out. Break it into pieces and set pallets in an orderly manner. Next, put some craft objects and subjects on this pallet and tap on the camera icon. You will be surprised by the picture quality and contrast for sure.

Wooden Table

Repurpose your old wooden table for your next art photography project. As you have to display many items simultaneously, you need more space and a balanced background. Thereby, the earthly appeal of a wooden table is something that would make your picture look instantly chic. Repaint this table and complete your art project photography without spending too much money.


The brown photo background has an earthy appeal. So, why don’t you get help from the earth directly? The idea is to go to the nearest beach and collect sand. Set it all at one specific place on your floor, and then put all the magical colored items over it. And you are all set. Nothing more is required from your side. This effortless click would be worth a million dollars; go and try it.

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