Breathwork is essentially an active meditation that assists in shutting the mind off for enough time to access emotions and stuck energy in the body. As the mind is released, unprocessed emotional pain can surface. Breathwork provides the opportunity to discharge the painful experiences and emotions that keep us stuck. Breathwork can be used to release unresolved emotional pain, boost your creative battery, nourish your soul and detoxify your nervous system.

Human beings have developed many ways to conceal our emotions and a number of individuals are recognizing that this way of being is not working and they are now willing to try something new. Breathwork is the quickest method of shutting off the mind, connecting to the soul and transforming lives.

This is a powerful tool for just about anyone. The majority of us are from cultures in which the mind is placed on a pedestal. Our problems are processed and re-processed intellectually. We understand them; however things still do not change because we have not addressed the energy and emotions that are lodged in the body.

Stagnant energy are manifested as limiting beliefs like I’m afraid, I can’t do it, no one will love me and I’m not worthy. It is also manifested in other ways like emotional instability, chronic physical discomfort and relationship problems. Breathwork is a new way to accelerate the healing process.

Therapeutic Breathwork

This type of Breathwork is the decisive application of connected and conscious breathing in group or one-on-one settings. It is guided by a skilled practitioner known as a Breath Couch. It is held within a revered container of a therapeutic relationship, intention and community.

In this case, the Spirit of Breath refers to the collective, multi-dimensional intelligence that naturally seeks balance, harmony and fulfillment. It seems to guide and surround the act of mindful breathing. Working therapeutically inspires most phases of the client-therapist relationship and delivers a heightened sense of reality, honesty, integrity and safety.

By itself, the act of respiration cleanses, energizes, uplifts, purifies and reconnects the human organism naturally to a state of maximum balance. A few relaxed and full exhales naturally assist in releasing stress and engaging the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Joining these intrinsic capabilities with mindful choice speeds up the healing effect by activating the awareness of an individual and supporting the desire to improve oneself. Therapeutic Breathwork enhances these qualities and seeks to engage the intelligence within the breath itself.

Working with a certified breathwork coach will help you to essentially gain more benefits by delving deeper into your healing.

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