Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the prevalent problems in society. A person who indulges in heavy drinking or takes drugs not only put his health to risk but is also incapable of having proper social interaction or any contribution to the workplace. In most cases, it is difficult to assess the extent to which a person is suffering from addiction.

For companies and organization, this is a big concern as a person with alcohol or drug problem is unproductive and fails to contribute his part and job duties as assign by the organizations. Also, use of drugs or any other ban substance at the workplace such as alcohol violates safe workplace and ethical practices, and at the time the company is held accountable for the employee’s action even though the organization does not encourage the use of drugs or alcohol.

To make sure the employees do not fall for any form of addiction and put his health and the workplace reputation at risk the companies carry a regular drug and alcohol training for employees. The purpose of the exercise is to raise awareness of drug and alcohol problems, the company policy regarding employees who take drugs or takes excessive alcohol and if someone faces such addiction and wants to recover what steps they can take to let go of these addictions.

Every employee should take advantage of the drug and alcohol training as these programs strive to help the workers who suffer from substance abuse. The training includes specific exercises and ways through which a person can let go of addiction and get back on track. The practice also helps the employee to understand the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. Drug testing is now standard in all organization and most instances these tests are random, and the employee can be put on the spot to take the tests. Failure to pass the test may even lead to the direct termination of the employees.

Some of the leading organization today offer treatment options to employees who step forward with their drug and alcohol dependency and show a willingness to give up the substance abuse. The organization sponsor the treatment and send the employees to rehabilitation and treatment centers to get the best medicine and access to doctors and psychologists who can help the employee to overcome the withdrawal issues. For the employees, it is an excellent chance to get back on track and take regular training to know all details of the workplace drug policies and how to follow the protocols to the fullest.

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