Workplaces are supposed to foster productivity and efficiency. That will not be the case if substance abuse reigns among the employees. Most employers will test their applicants for drugs and alcohol to prevent individuals with dependencies from joining their teams. However, this does not guarantee that those who are already employed will not pick up a bad habit once they are hired. Supervisors must be constantly on the lookout for signs that may point to substance abuse. After these are identified, intervention can be undertaken to minimize damage on the company and the individual. DOT reasonable suspicion training can help immensely in this regard.

Supervisors will only need to allot 2 hours for the study. Pre-recorded videos are available for self-paced study through online portals. This is convenient for busy managers with full schedules. They do not have to go anywhere else just to attend a session. They can do so in their offices during idle hours. They can pause whenever they want or need to, and resume when there is another window of opportunity. The prices are reasonable and options are available for individual learners as well as training teams. If face-to-face training is desired, certain course providers can send instructors to the workplace at a scheduled date.

The course revolves around the early recognition of the signs and symptoms of individuals who are likely to be dealing with substance abuse. They know that this is frowned upon so they will try to hide the fact from their coworkers. It is up to the supervisor as the person in-charge to keep a sharp eye on these matters and take appropriate steps in a timely manner. The training plan will include information on the proper testing protocols, as well as the right way to prepare the documentation. Everyone who completes the training will be given a certificate to acknowledge their efforts.

Once reasonable suspicion is present, the supervisors must take action on the information that they have gathered. This can be tricky given the sensitive topic and the likelihood of denials. The lessons will include practical intervention tips to help in this regard. There will be advice on how to confront employees about their substance abuse and how this might be affecting their performance, as well as others. There will be scenarios taken from real-world cases to make the content more engaging and useful in the workplace. There will also be quizzes and games to help ensure better retention after the training has been completed. Learn more about DOT reasonable suspicion training for supervisors by contacting a reputable service provider.

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