In a bid to promote a drug-free workplace environment, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has created a drug and alcohol training program for supervisors in federally-regulated industries. The training, dubbed reasonable suspicion testing, seeks to educate employers on how to tell if an employee is using drugs and substances when working. The 60-minute drug and 60-minute alcohol training is geared at helping those in management know the common signs of substance use. These include (but not limited to) abnormal behavior, physical evidence of unwanted substances, disorientation, ad inability to carry on with routine tasks.

There are many ways of fulfilling the DOT reasonable suspicion training as required by law. The most common ones include video (albeit utterly outdated), in-person, PowerPoint, and online. Online training is becoming quite popular as it fits well with the fast economic pace in today’s world. Follow through as we tell you the beauty of having the DOT reasonable suspicion training online and other additional stuff.

Why have DOT training online?

One of the regulations of DOT concerning supervisor training is that employers must keep all records of training on hand at all times. In-person, video, and PowerPoint training present a setback when it comes to record-keeping. The reason is that people easily forget to have records indefinitely. With DOT supervisor training online, you can rest assured that the system has all the training records plus a certificate of completion for all employees.

The second benefit of DOT supervisor training online is that it promotes efficiency around the workplace. For one, it is quite easy and affordable to organize an online training schedule as opposed to in-person training. Additionally, it ensures that there are zero gaps when it comes to training new supervisors. This means that a supervisor can be trained early enough before having them make an attempt at reasonable suspicion determination.

Is it different from other forms of training?

Some employers are concerned about whether the DOT reasonable suspicion training online is equivalent to in-person or PowerPoint drug training. If you swim in the same pool, rest easy. DOT has ensured that the content in the training cuts across the board. All of them fulfill the 60/60 rule, offer printable certificated, and have updated content where necessary.

DOT supervisor training is mandatory for all supervisors and employers in charge of making reasonable drug and alcohol suspicions. Rather than spending money and wasting time doing in-person, video, or PowerPoint training, why not try having an online training instead? The content covered is the same as in-person trainings and it comes with convenience and more other perks as highlighted above.

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