Understandably, all caring dog-owners and breeders will feel a little concerned when it comes to transportation of their animals via a third party entity (especially, if the journey is a long one). Will your dog be safe? Will he be properly fed and cared for?

Well, the good news is there are a number of reputable pet transportation companies that offer dog transport facilities. During the transportation, the dogs as well as other animals are kept all in their separate cages. The drivers in care of the transportation receive special training so that all the animals in their care are delivered to the receiving end safe and all in good health.

So, let’s have a look at this in somewhat greater detail.

As to the feeding and taking proper care of the dogs, all adult dogs are fed once a day, normally at night. Whereas the puppies are fed twice a day. There are toilet stops and the dogs and puppies are also taken for short walks once a day during their ride. The cages come well equipped with (usually) clean straw beds and good ventilation. Proper precautions are also taken while letting the dogs out of their cages for toilet needs or for taking them for walks. Additionally, if dog-owners want to put separate bedding such as blankets, covers, etc. or special bags of food for their pet, those are also accepted under normal circumstances. (Note, however, that in the wake of the COVID-19, many transportation companies may not accept separate accessories including soft or hard frame beds, any kind of processed puppy food, vaccine certificates, puppy packs, etc.)

Are your dogs insured while traveling? That is an important question to ask to your dog transport agency. Normally, pet transportation companies are required to provide cover in case they are found liable for injury, sickness or death of your pet during transportation. Liability in this case is interpreted as negligence or any misconduct on the part of the transportation professional in charge. However, if the sickness, injury or loss result from BOAS or some other formerly existing physical condition, the transportation company will not be held liable.

As to keep track of your pet’s journey, the owner will be given the phone number of the driver. If the owner has some important message to deliver, he can call the driver. Otherwise, it is best for everyone concerned that owners don’t call the driver too often. It will be difficult for him to answer too many calls since he will be driving, not to mention the safety risks involved with that. If something unexpected takes place, the driver will himself call the owner of the pet and will acquaint him of the situation.

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