YouTube Analytics app is essentially an interactive reporting system and you can use the YouTube Analytics App to keep track of your videos and channel with up-to-date metrics. These metrics can be found across three types of reports in YouTube Analytics. These are:

• Interaction Reports

These include reports about subscribers.

• Watch-time Reports

These include reports on views, watch time, audience retention and traffic sources.

• Earnings Reports

These include reports on ad performance and estimated earnings.

On the app, you will also be able to access the overview report and the real-time report.

Overview Report

This is essentially a high-level summary of the content on your channel and how it is doing on YouTube. The report can be used to quickly look at basic performance metrics about the content you place on your YouTube channel. In the overview report, you will see the sections highlighted below. You will be able to get a more detailed report for a particular section by clicking on a card.

• Top 10 content

This shows the top 10 content on your channel like playlists and assets, based on watch time.

• Demographics

This includes data gathered on the location and gender of your viewers.

• Interaction Metrics

This shows the most pertinent data for the various interaction criteria like shares, favorites, comments, likes and dislikes.

• Performance Metrics

This summarizes views, watch time and earnings for the particular content.

• Discovery

This summarizes the metrics regarding top traffic sources and top playback locations by watch time.

Real-time Report

The real-time report can be used to look at data on estimated views regarding the last 25 videos you published. For channels, this report can also be used to see the entire views for all the videos you have uploaded to your channel. The data included in the real-time report is estimated and merely intended to offer general guidance on prospective view activity on the videos uploaded to your channel. As such, there might be discrepancies in the data shown on the watch page of the videos as views are otherwise validated.

With this report, you will be able to get early insights as to how your most recently uploaded videos are performing and it might assist you in changing their promotion strategy to achieve better results as well. In addition, you will be able to see this data in the reports on your individual videos.

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