The biggest problem with new homes is the lack of space. Property prices are sky-high so most people can only afford units with a small footprint. The challenge for designers is how to make these tiny units become livable spaces and will homeowners will love. They have come up with a number of tricks to brighten rooms and create an illusion that they are bigger than they really area. These techniques are particularly important for the bathroom which is often the smallest room inside a house. It is hard not to get claustrophobic in a poorly designed bath, which is why the following tricks are usually employed:

The Walls

The walls occupy the largest surface area and hence have the biggest visual impact in the room. It is crucial to get it right. Dark wall panels are frown upon in this case as they will only make things look smaller and tighter. Using light colors like a variant of white is generally preferred. If this feels too basic, then perhaps a pale shade of blue, green, yellow, gray, or brown can be considered. Vibrant colors can be sprinkled throughout the space at strategic spots to maximize the effect. The floor and ceiling can be a bit darker, though going light is not a bad idea.

The Storage

The diminutive size of bathrooms make it hard to fit the essentials like the shower, the toilet bowl, and the sink. Asking for storage on top of all these can be quite a challenge but it is not impossible. For example, the sink can be installed on top of a wooden cabinet with a tile or natural stone counter. This can be used to store toiletries and other things can will not be ruined in case of a leak. The walls can also store small items like soap, toilet paper, and the like with clever indentations. Idle vertical space can also be fitted with hanging cabinets. Often, the mirror on top of the sink can be opened to reveal storage for toothbrushes, shaving blades, and makeup.

The Shower

As for the shower, it can be tricky to get a bit of privacy inside. The room is already small so closing off a section can feel like too much. Some people use a shower curtain so that the division can be readily swept to the side if not needed. It’s also very cheap. However, you do get what you pay for. If you want something that looks nicer, then consider a glass shower screen. You can even go frameless to achieve a floating effect. Talk to a shower screen brackets Melbourne dealer to learn more about your options.

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