When it comes to sight fishing, the kind of fishing sunglasses you purchase can make or break your fishing experience. Besides protecting your eyes during your sight fishing expeditions, fishing sunglasses can help you catch more fish than you would have otherwise caught if you weren’t wearing them. Since there are countless choices of fishing sunglasses nowadays, picking the best fishing sunglasses can be truly overwhelming, particularly if you aren’t sure of the things to look for in a pair of fishing sunglasses. Below are some of the things that make a pair of fishing sunglasses suitable for sight fishing.

Polarized lenses

Ensure the pair of sunglasses you choose for your sight fishing comes with polarized lenses. These lenses help get rid of glare prevalent on water surfaces as a result of light rays hitting the water surface. The resulting glare can make it almost impossible to see through the water with your naked eyes. Polarized lenses come handy for enabling you to see fish beneath the water surface.

Lens color

Lens color determines whether a pair of fishing sunglasses is suitable for sight fishing or not. For instance, amber lenses are considered suitable for all types of sight fishing. They eliminate glare while sight fishing in lakeshores and shallow trout streams. Rose lenses are suitable for sight fishing in extremely bright conditions. Gray lenses are perfect for sight fishing in deep waters such as deep lakes and offshore waters.

Additional coatings and treatments

The perfect pair of fishing sunglasses should come with additional coatings and treatments to lower the risk of damage, especially in salty waters. When a pair has a hydrophobic coating, for instance, it makes water drops to bead up ensuring that the lenses aren’t vulnerable to salty water that can ruin them in the long-run. They should also have unique treatments to make it quite easy to clean them.

UV protection

No matter how fancy a pair of fishing sunglasses look, it might not be appropriate for your sight fishing needs if it doesn’t offer maximum protection against harmful UV rays. While purchasing your fishing sunglasses from a reputable sunglasses retailer, ensure the pair you settle for is indicated on its package that it offers 100% UV protection.


Choosing the best fishing sunglasses for your sight fishing needs can be insanely easy if you comprehend what to look for in a suitable pair of fishing sunglasses. Hopefully, the above highlighted tips will help you pick the pair that comes with all the requisite features of great fishing sunglasses.

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