With a population of almost eight billion people, you would never think that it’s possible to experience loneliness on planet earth. However, despite the sheer number of people on the planet, millions of people face loneliness every day.

Loneliness can come about for many reasons. A person may be facing the road ahead without a beloved partner, family member or friend who passed away. They may have just moved to a new city and find it hard to meet new people. Loneliness may also be linked with depression and other mental illnesses. Fortunately, there are ways to Overcoming Loneliness.

Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling. The reality of being alone can bring on many other feelings such as thinking you are not good enough, thinking no one likes you, thinking you are flawed or constantly longing for a knock on your door or phone call. If the source of the loneliness is not found, it can lead to other things like depression and complete withdrawal from society. Below are some ways you can deal with loneliness and perhaps even get rid of it once and for all:

1) Whether you are in a new city or at home but unable to see friends due to work or other obligations, make sure to stay in touch in other ways. Social media and texting are great ways to keep in touch with loved ones when you can’t see them in person.
2) Think about joining one or more social groups. Do you like taking pictures? Join a photography group. Do you enjoy hiking? Search online for groups of people who hike in your area.
3) Adopting a pet is a great way to curb loneliness and make a new friend who will always be there for you.
4) Outside of keeping in touch, reduce your use of social media as much as possible. Try to enjoy hobbies that are interactive and get you out of the house and out in public.
5) If you are always surrounded by people but still feel lonely, you could be suffering from a mental illness. Depression and anxiety are common and often result in feelings of isolation. Speak with a healthcare professional who will suggest the best treatment to help you get back on track.
6)Finally, learn how to love yourself and being with yourself. Being alone is not the end of the world. Learn how to enjoy things on your own and when you least expect it, the right people will enter your life.

Overcoming Loneliness is a challenge but facing it head on will help you deal with it.

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