While it is often easy to escape the world by playing simple match-three games, those who want a bit more of an intellectual challenge should consider daily word puzzles. Word games can challenge the intellect and broaden the mind. Word puzzles can be found in many different forms and varying skill level.

Word Search Games

Word search games require the player to locate word inside a grid of letters. These games can range from a child’s level to more advanced searches. Word searches can help improve skills such as pattern recognition and spelling, which are both important, even for adults.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles also have varying skill levels and can improve memory and increase knowledge of words, places, people, and things. They may also improve language skills and many puzzles utilize words from languages other than English, increasing knowledge. Crosswords can be good social activities and even reduce stress.

Word Building Games

Word building games require players to create words from letter tiles. These games can be played solo or with others. It is possible to play these types of games online with players all over the world. The most obvious benefit of these games is the expansion of vocabulary. Even adults will benefit from learning new words and expanding their knowledge. Pastimes such as these can teach strategy, as it is possible to block the opposing player and players must play their tiles in the most advantageous way.
Like many word challenges, word building games keep intellect sharp. Cognitive exercise has been shown to slow the progression of dementia. Playing word games can even increase confidence and improve decision making.

Other Word Challenges and Puzzles

There are a myriad of word games and puzzles, with some effort it is possible to find an enjoyable game that will keep the player engaged for hours. Many games are available as applications for computers or smartphones, while traditional board games are also popular. Electronic games can be taken anywhere and played while waiting at an appointment or on a break from work.

Daily word puzzles can increase concentration and might even make the player a happier person. Surprisingly, word games can increase the production of dopamine, which makes people feel optimistic and happy. Succeeding at a word game can give us a sense of accomplishment, while not being successful can teach us how to problem solve more efficiently and to overcome adversity. Word challenges are more than just fun, they are good for us, too. Games like this can be found for all ages and skill levels, giving them universal appeal.

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