So you had a breach in your security and had analysts track it down to hackers or some disgruntled employee but how do you prevent this in the future?

Cyber Threat Analyst, that’s how you do it.

These are specialist that have either studied this new form of industrial espionage and break-ins from top to bottom and keep studying to keep up to date with the latest technologies that not only can help them catch these enemies of the business but also so they can keep up to date with the technologies these thieves are using.

Also, lots of companies are doing what the “Vegas Casino Owners” did and still do, and that is to use the actual hackers or thieves that broke into their systems and hire them to catch the new ones, as in the case of the hackers, most are so brilliant in what they do and comes naturally to them and they are bored. So by the owners of these businesses actually giving them jobs to catch their”competitors”, they see this as a challenge and break their day to day boredom.

They will search your analyze all access into and out of your servers and use that data to compare to what they would do and by creating their own algorithms and programs they can even do this from their homes (though most companies prefer the ex-hackers to be based at the offices where they, in turn, can be watched by other Cyber Threat Analyst) and this, is just in case they might be a plant by competitors.

They do background checks on all current and new employees to see if they are flagged for any Cyber Threat Analyst in the past and can or will be a future risk and this is done with utter secrecy, hence many companies have employees sign secrecy agreements, whether it is from revealing secrets or whether they can be background-checked for past cyber crimes or relationships to competitors.

So by employing these analysts, they not only protect your data, company secrets or other information, they can protect the company from any sort of industrial espionage. Which unlike the old days where guys could just come in with a camera and photograph documents and or plans and leave after physically breaking into your building, to now where they can break into your business and steal what they want from another country and not even leave a trace to the layman, but with the analysts working for you, problem solved.

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