Every woman likes to show off what they like. Whether it’s a clothing trend, a new pair of shoes or a hobby, you want everyone to know what you like. The same applies to tacos. You can express your love for the delicacy through the shirts that you wear. Whenever you go for a taco hunt, the vendors will be able to identify your need before you even make the order. It’s also a nice way to encourage other women to copy your love for the Mexican snack.

There are so many ways of customizing your taco shirts and here are the top ones that you can implement:

Obsessive Taco Disorder

If you are the kind of person who can’t go two days without a taco bite, then this is the kind of message that you should print on your favorite shirt. It’s meant to show everyone that you are crazy about tacos.

Feed Me Tacos

Whenever you go out to buy tacos, you can wear a shirt printed with this message. The moment the taco vendor sees you, you’ll be served with the snack even before asking. The message is just explanatory.

This Girl Loves Tacos

This is another message that shows your obsession for tacos. Everyone who sees you will know that you are a great fan of tacos and they don’t even have to ask what your favorite bite is.

Taco Cat

This taco message is simple and straightforward. It shows a lady who is always hunting for the most delicious tacos around; just like cats do. You can adorn this custom streetwear anytime you feel like chasing tacos.

Live, Love, and Eat Tacos

If you have been a fan of tacos for years, this is the message to print on your shirt. It’s meant to show everyone that you really enjoy eating tacos.

Taco Tuesday

You can substitute Tuesday with any day of the week that you prefer to eat tacos. It’s meant to indicate your favorite day for eating tacos.

Will run for Tacos

This is another excellent feminine version of the muscle tank tees that not only confirms your love for Tacos but also your love for fitness and philanthropy causes.


There are no limits as to how you can play with your shirts or custom streetwear to express your love for tacos. You can get as creative and as personal as you want. In the long run, it’s all about expressing your love for tacos. Hopefully, the above highlighted messages will start you off in your taco shirts customization journey.

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