Running caps are more than just accessories to cover your hair and augment your looks during your running sessions. They also protect your facial skin from harmful UV rays. Moreover, a good running cap will help you in sweat management during your afternoon jog when the temperatures are high. Most importantly, look sporty, fresh and stylish by designing your running cap with custom embroidery and colors of your choice. To this end, let’s explore simple design ideas for your custom running caps in Australia.

Go minimal on your design

When designing embroidery for your hat, choose to add a few details. Too many features will appear crowded in the small space of your cap. Moreover, it’s easy to embroider simple details. Consequently, avoid little, detailed designs. Consider utilizing an online mockup generator that will enable you to create text-based designs. The generators have a variety of fonts and will warn you when you exceed the optimal font size for your cap.

What’s your embroidery type?

There are three common embroidery types for running hats; namely, flat, 3D puff and partial 3D puff embroideries. A 3D puff embroidery has raised embroidery threads. Furthermore, the cost of embroidering a 3D design is higher. A flat embroidery’s threads lie flat on the hat while the partial 3D embroidery is a combination of the flat and 3D models on one hat.

Choose your colors wisely

It’s vital to know that the number of threads you select for your embroidery will affect the overall look of your custom hats Australia. Besides, if you opt for multiple colors, ensure that your embroidery machine can sew the threads well.

Consider a side embroidery

To polish up your running cap’s look, consider adding a side embroidery. You can put your company’s initials, your nickname, your company’s logo or anything else that makes sense to you. Most importantly, use a flat embroidery for the sides designs. You may even do away with the front embroidery and opt for a side embroidery.

Enhance symmetry

Ensure that your hat design has balance. The rule of thumb is to focus your front embroidery at the center and let it span outwards. You certainly don’t wish to look awkward in a running cap due to embroidery asymmetry.

Digitize your design file

Digitization is the process of converting your design file into a format that an embroidery machine can interpret. Additionally, you should digitize a file for each design. For instance, if you have both flat embroidery and 3D embroidery designs, you should digitize each design file separately. Besides, it’s important to note that the embroidery area on your cap will depend on the cap’s size.

Good custom hats Australia has to offer will protect your face from the afternoon’s sunlight. Besides, it will assist in sweat management by allowing air circulation. Moreover, customizing your running cup is a great way to enhance a sporty and relaxed look. Thus said, follow the design ideas mentioned above to tailor your cap.

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