A lot of homes have family portraits. Some have everyone together. Others have each person in a different frame. If you have beloved pets, then you probably treat them as part of the family. So why not make a custom pet head portrait for them as well. If you have an artistic inclination, then this should be quite easy. You can make these exactly the way that you want to. If you prefer having a professional artist do it for you, then you can definitely try this route as well. Check out different examples from artist’s galleries so that you can choose your preferred style.


Many will want to get portraits that are lifelike. You simply provide the artist with the best photograph that you have of your pet and she will turn this into a beautiful painting. Depending on the artist and your personal preferences, this could be done in oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, or other media. Each one of these will influence the look of the final product but your will essentially get something that is close to the original. The results are great for display in living rooms and more formal spaces.


On the other hand, those who would like to create something more informal may request for a caricature of their pets. This will tend to exaggerate their most prominent features in a fun and playful way. Artists can add a bit of personality to the portrait as they can capture expressions and add props to highlight quirks. For example, dogs who love to dig the ground for bones can be illustrated in a way that gives a hint of this. The same can be done for cats that love their catnips, treats, or yarns. This can go in any direction you want with the help of the artist’s skill and imagination. Your visitors will probably get a kick out of the outcome.


Sometimes certain artists will capture you with their own unique style. It may not be quite as striking as photo-realistic portraits or quirky caricatures but they are just are compelling. Maybe they use different media or novel techniques. Maybe they just have a deep understanding of pets having many of their own, allowing them to create works that bring a smile to the owners. Whatever their style may be, you can definitely enjoy them by commissioning a custom pet head portrait. The results will surely be worth every penny.

Immortalize your furry friend in your preferred style with a custom pet head portrait.

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