Okay so we all know how cool Cosplay Contact Lenses can look with the right outfit at the right party or even just for the fun of it, but how safe are these, whether you go to a cosmetic shop or just buying your Cosplay Contact Lenses Online.

Where do you start?

Are they safe and should you trade fashion for function?

Right, so you all set for your event. Your outfit and look are the best you’ve ever seen for age, but all you need is a fitting set of Cosplay Contact Lenses Online.

You remember friends speaking about an online site where you can get them cheap as you already spent most of your wallet on your costume and make up. Good idea or bad idea?

Due to incorrect usage of cosmetic contact lenses, a large portion of the annual more than thirty-three thousand trauma room visits are kids and adults alike.

So you wondering about your next Comicon or Halloween or costume party coming up and it’s only for one night at the most, should you risk buying it online or not? Read on and let’s see.

Firstly it’s illegal without a prescription to purchase it!

So you’ve found the perfect fit for your costume online and delivery is free in just in time for your party and you can get it without prescription.

Wait one minute? Did you know its illegal to sell any form of contact lenses without a legal prescription in the USA and if you want to know how serious they are about the dangers of using non-prescript lenses and the harms it may cause?

Well, the sellers can be fined up to sixteen thousand dollars!

Why do you ask?

Well think about it, contact lenses are medical devices, regulated by the FDA because no matter how harmless they might seem there are serious repercussions suffered after even just one use.

Remember your eyeball is one of the most sensitive and irreplaceable organs. So if you have to or want to always make sure it’s legally scripted and sold.

The licensed sellers might be a bit heavier in your pocket but it is because of what you pay for. Clean sanitized unused scripted and manufactured products, whereas your illegal cheap sellers, well?

Who knows under what conditions they were made, packaged or even if it was sterile let alone if it was made to fit your specific natural lens shape and sight?

Have it done properly by a professional?

If you could spend so much money on your costume and makeup why not on something more important and permanent like your eyes.

Even if you have 20/20 vision make an appointment to see an optometrist as contact lenses are shaped according to not only you vision specifics but also your eye shape.

It only takes a second to cut or damage your eye or even worse. Infections! Also, do not believe that hype of one fits all, you are not talking stretch hose here, you talking about your eye!

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