Are you prepping for the ultimate Cosplay or Comicon outfit?
Are you considering being best dressed and to look 100% like the character you chose?
Are considering getting your Cosplay Contact Lenses Online?

Well, as it is a contact lens which is a medical device and always considered to be a device applied to or on one of the body’s most valuable and sensitive organ, there are many this to consider before purchasing any Cosplay Contact Lenses Online.


*as a medical device it should always be sterile and safe
*have your eyes been tested to find out the shape and size of the lens
*was the lens manufactured, packaged and handled to highest quality standards
*is the materials used beneficial or detrimental to your vision (all vision-impaired lenses are made of breathable materials as your eyes needs oxygen to stay healthy no matter the period you wear the lens)
*is the color of your chosen lens going to affect your vision (darker colors and designs tend to strain your eyes when trying to see through them)

So these are the main points to ponder before you consider going online and now we have the pros and cons of these type of lenses:


  • online products are usually way cheaper than your in-store or medical professional supplied products
  • the variety of available designs are of the highest ranges ever considered
  • as majority of these products sold online are marketed mostly through word of mouth, the quality can be high as any bad experiences or quality is instantly available online which affects sales
  • there are so many shipping companies available, which increases competition so delivery is never a problem in either speed or quality deliveries


  • even though many are proven quality and safety, there are those fly by night online suppliers that will sell a bad product
  • even though there is a wider variety of products online it opens the door for wider varieties of imperfections of the product as well
  • just as there are fly by night suppliers, you will notice they tend to use fly by night courier services which can affect the product’s quality and safety
  • online purchases don’t carry the warranty or guarantee of health and safety as a medical professional supplier
  • one of the worst problems buying ANYTHING ONLINE has and always will be ” WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU GET”

so always do your homework on any online supplier

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