If you are considering taking your company’s point of sale (POS) setup to a tablet or mobile device, you’ve come to the right place to get enlightened. Mobile payment platforms transforming your tablet PC into a point of sale tablet that can process credit cards have become quite popular among small firms, since several payment gateway companies are making the option feasible. However, mobile POS is more than just a convenient method to swipe payment cards while on the move. The next set of POS systems would not just make a cash register out of your tablet, but also offer full-blown business management tools such as CRM services, loyalty program integration, inventory tracking, employee management tools, etc. All of this has now become possible due to cloud computing.

So what are a tablet PC-based POS system’s advantages for small entrepreneurs? And what are the factors to consider when switching over? The following are some points to ponder over, and also some benefits.


Typically, conventional POS systems entail an up-front fee as high as $50,000. Moreover, you could expect to remit a yearly license fee for the software and also an annual maintenance fee. And as the expenses are paid for in advance, you would not be able to change the existing setup even if you want to.

Tablet POS systems based on the cloud could be activated for no more than $1,000, and there is no upfront fee. The savings are also realized throughout the service’s lifetime. The monthly fee is low, which includes costs for instant software upgrades, back-up, other upgrades, and support. Moreover, the subscription could be canceled any time.

Easy to Integrate Marketing and Sales Tools

In this modern world, most people see the option to instantly access important business data as a fundamental requirement. Tablet POS systems enabled by the cloud realize this by offering instant and easy access to inventory and sales information anytime, anywhere. Some also provide advanced integration with accounting tools, loyalty programs, and also gift and coupon card generation options. You could even benefit from the marketing outreach functionalities, such as automatic ‘thank you’ emails to new buyers and other emails that poke dormant customers and encourage them to make a visit. Other tools allow you to track sales volume or revenue by staff, and manage restaurant seating and inventory. Quite a few also provide the ability to integrate with platforms that read mobile cards.

Things to Consider

Besides the benefits, there are a few things to look out for such as migration and Internet downtime. Migrating could be tricky; due diligence is imperative in this regard. As far as Internet is concerned, a good connection is mandatory to manage data and process transactions.

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