The sky-high property prices in Singapore make land ownership difficult for the average worker. Condos offer a more affordable solution for people who are looking for a permanent residence near the city center. Their proximity to workplaces, transport hubs, and entertainment spots make them attractive options to young workers. However, they tend to have very limited space which can be a problem for growing families. The problem can get worse over time. Residents can hire renovation contractors in Singapore to redesign their homes in order to better suit their needs. Common renovation projects for this type of change include the following:

Additional Sleeping Space

A lot of people buy a unit as a single person or as a young couple. During this phase of their lives, it is easy to make do with the small space. One room will be more than enough for the regular occupants. Perhaps the sofa can be converted into a bed for the visitors. However, this setup will not be viable anymore if they have growing kids. They must make a choice: find a bigger space that requires a large cash outlay or continue living in the current unit after making a few changes. A clever interior decorator will be able to make it work.

Increased Storage Options

Another problem that often comes up is the massive amount of stuff that build up over the years. Acquisition of clothes, books, cookware, and trinkets may be gradual but they can form a mountain after a while. A lot of condos look chaotic because owners don’t know where to put them. One way to solve the clutter is to let go of those that aren’t needed anymore. Perhaps some of these things can be donated to charity or given to friends. Valuables might be sold online. The rest will have to find a proper storage space to make the unit look cleaner and less prone to accidents.

Aesthetic Improvements

Of course, renovation contractors in Singapore can also be a vehicle towards a more beautiful unit that you will be happy to come home to. Most condos are sold bare, like an empty canvas waiting to be painted by the owners. You can browse through magazines, blogs, and videos to find ideas that you can use in designing your own dream home. Interior designers can help in maximizing every inch of the space while ensuring that the aesthetics are suitable to your preferences. Provide them with a theme, a color palette, and items to draw inspiration from. Get a nicer kitchen, a more pleasant bathroom, and a more relaxing bedroom.

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