If you have dry eyes that get irritated quickly through regular kinds of lenses, you need to buy those color contact lenses, which have more water content inside. Sometimes, dry eye condition is temporary, and you can deal with it through some eye drops. On the flip side, when this condition is permanent, you need to be careful while picking any color lenses. You can’t buy any brand; it’s essential to know what the technology behind these lenses is and whether they would offer proper oxygen flow or not.

Know about Lens Materials

When it comes to color lenses, you find out that they are made of various materials. There are soft lenses made of flexible plastic. Regular soft lenses are made of hydrogel and the right to use for one day. Some good quality standard lenses can be used for more than 30 days. You can opt for them as they oxygen to pass through your eyes. When you change your lenses regularly, it will prevent protein deposits on the surface, making your eyes even drier.

However, the better option is to switch to silicone-based hydrogel lenses as water won’t evaporate quickly, and your eyes won’t get dried promptly. Before you buy any color contact, make sure you check whether it is FDA-approved for dry eye or not. Some FDA-Approved contacts featured with phosphorylcholine-this material will keep your eyes feeling moist and avoid dry eye discomfort.

Look into Water Content

It’s easy to get attracted to beautiful shades of contact lenses in an online store. However, everything is not good to use for dry eyes. Make sure you check how much water lenses contain. To get an idea of what kind and level of water content would suit you, you will have to try different water content. High water content lenses keep your eyes moist, but it’s possible they can dry out at a faster pace than other lenses. As you have dry eyes, make sure your colored contacts have at-least medium-level water content- so they send more moisture to your eyes when you feel discomfort.

Lens Size

The size of standard contacts is only 9 millimeters across, and it would cover only your colored eye area known as iris. However, another kind of color lens can cover both colored eyes and the white part of the eye, known as sclera lenses, usually 15-22 millimeters across. Some studies show that sclera lenses let more oxygen pass to the eyes. Therefore you can go for a big size color contact lens.

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