We all know that clinical Pilates is a great way to help people get rid of the pain. But clinical Pilates is even better! Clinical Pilates Frankston has been trained by the best clinical instructors globally and can teach you how to do clinical pilates exercises for maximum results. If you are looking for clinical pilates classes near me, look no further than Clinical Pilates Frankston!

1) What is clinical Pilates?

It is a form of exercise where clinical instructors help people get rid of the pain. We have been trained by clinical experts in Australia and worldwide to teach you how clinical Pilates can help with your health issues, whether they are back problems or just want to improve their overall fitness levels.

2) Why should I do Clinical Pilates?

If you have ever done regular forms of exercise before then, Clinical Pilates Frankston will be pretty familiar for you! But there are so many benefits when it comes to doing clinical Pilates that this alternative method might become more appealing than any other type of workout routine out there on offer today.

3) What are the benefits of this?

Pilates is a form of exercising your body. You are required to perform small movements that focus on the main muscles around the joints. Physiotherapists have used this clinical method for decades because it helps people with their movement issues caused by pain that they have struggled with over time, especially if they are suffering from back problems or have other common injuries such as significant strains and sprains in their legs!

4) The benefits of clinical Pilates include:

Improved core strength and flexibility

Strength training without bulking up muscles so will help prevent further injury down the track if you play sports regularly

Spine realignment during clinical treatment allows for improved posture while sitting at work or home all day due to spine realignment.

5) What is included in your services?

clinical manual therapy

Pilates sessions with a physiotherapist who specializes in clinical Pilates techniques. These sessions are 60 minutes long and typically focus on the core, legs, hips, and spine. Each session includes an assessment, so your treatment is individualized to you! During every Pilates session, it will be vital for you to have appropriate clothing such as activewear or gym gear so that we can see how different movements affect certain areas of the body without causing any pain during the activity, which could lead to further injuries down the track if not treated correctly.

6) How much does it cost?

Initial Pilates sessions are $80, and ongoing weekly session with a physiotherapist is $65.
We hope you have found this helpful information.

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